Annie’s (Cowper) Postcard sent from Melbourne to New Zealand

Annie Cowper\'s postcard to her son, Charles Talbot Cowie


C/- W.E.Atkinson Esq.,


Preparatry School,

River Bank,



DA rode out to turnoff and got your “Postcard”

I was so pleased to hear from you –

But nothing I am lots better K “How is she”

Better I hope? You do not say how she looked

She has never been long from home before and may

feel homesick but I trust she has settled down now &

happy like you dear lad & liking school very much.

I am so glad you do. I rode Mabel today.

Love from all at Huikumu

You can get these cards at “Hountains Shop”

You must have liked trip to the “Sea”

Love to Grandad & Granny

“Dont forget to send a card to your uncle Bob

He would like to hear from you


Bank Australisia Melbourne


About Mary Cowie

lives in new zealand
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1 Response to Annie’s (Cowper) Postcard sent from Melbourne to New Zealand

  1. Mum,
    I loved getting this postcard image, what year was it written in


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