a punter’s dream


Dear Reader this is a True Story.   I have decided to publish it to give people courage,  to keep believing in the reality of Life continuing on the OTHER SIDE, and the loving Voices of Old Companions , do keep stealing back from the Past once more, and are involved in our daily lives .

Just after watching the News Headlines on Monday night 3rd November 2008.    Mum made her way towards the kitchen to start and get tea for herself and Dad.

In her mind Mum said to herself  “Wouldnt it be nice if I could win the Melboure Cup once before I died”

Coming out of the bathroom she glanced up at the top right hand of the door to see in full colour a Vision (picture) of a man.    He was about 60-65 years of age, a solid build, head and shoulders only were visible.       he was looking to his right, wearing a light short sleeved shirt, but Mum was really drawn to notice his wonderful head of creamy white hair, so thick and so incredibly wavy.    Mum kept gazing at this Vision, then a Voice behind her said  “Do you know this man”        Mum said in her mind  “”No, I dont,  I have never seen him before”

Mum went back to Dad telling him of her experience and saying  “I am not sure, but I think he could be to do with the melbourne Cup tomorrow.   Do you know anyone in the racing business that looks like that?”

Later in the news on TV Dad called Mum to take a look at a man of about the same age wearing a hat but who looked at bit similar.   Mum assured Dad that wasnt the man she had seen.

Dad was so impressed with Mum’s Vision he said go and put $100 on the nose on Prize Lady.   Mum was thunderstruck as she isnt a racing person and the amount to invest was staggering!

Another helpful Vision was given to Mum.   Still in bed but rising , she saw her own kitchen and her attention was drawn to the towel on her breakfast bar,  on which was a BRILLIANT CREAM HAIR COMB !!     She told Dad this latest Spiritual info over breakfast.

Tuesday 4th November, a beautiful clear blue mild morning, and so Mum was at the TAB by 9 am. investing her $100 on Prize Lady.

While in that area of town, Mum also decided to check her Lotto Tickets as was her custom.   Mum never checks anything till she hands them to the Lotto assistant.   The lady said to her   “Did you know you had won”      Mum looked blank and said no I never check anything.    Great joy!      Mum had just won $102!    Mum was indeed bemused as she had just invested her $100 on Prize lady, and here it seemed her $100 was back in her hand!    Great Spirit be Praised!

And so the day wore on pleasantly and Dad phoned Mum at about 2.45 to  say your on the wrong horse!!!

Imagine how Mum FELT!    Never a Punter and just when she had done her very best she was on the WRONG HORSE!

Dad said its come to me who the MAN is with the marvelous head of hair!    Its Bart Cummins.    Mum said who is he?    Dad said dont worry I’ll come home and change the ticket, which he did!

Bart had two horses running that day so Dad split the $100 putting $50 on both Bart’s horses.

Mum & Dad sat with their Baileys  and the bottle in front of them watching all the wonderful prelude to the Cup of the Year, the Parade of Horses, the Tote readings etc.    And so  the Greatest Horse race of the Year began.

As The Miracle Horse Dear,  VIEWED, number 10,  was Racing to the Finish Mum said aloud   “Spirits get on the B…Horse and RIDE IT”      and Lo and Behold, it “WON” the closest Photo Finish in Melbourne Cup History.

The First Cup Race for wonderful Blake Shinn.   Mum shed tears along with Blake!

Mum’s next SPECIAL was actually seeing with her own eyes Bart Cummins and his wavy hair.    What a truly wonderful Man and the Winner of 12 Melbourne Cups.

Mum and Dad’s Joy was Indescrible!!

Thanks from Mum and Dad…. to VIEWED, BLAKE who rode so marvellously, and to BART the owner.

And now DEAR SPIRIT WORLD, Mum’s constant Companions, Thank You so very much for the JOY and the GOOD SUCCESS, thank you that you choose us to be your Chanel of Blessings as a Constant Reminder that you EXIST and YOU do CARE for US and you also have JOY in our HAPPINESS!

May all who read these words be inspired by  this truly remarkable true story !


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