poems for the day


by Dorothy Frances Gurney

Sunrise - painting by my Gt Grandmother Annie Cowie ~1890

Sunrise - painting by my Gt Grandmother Annie Cowie ~1890

The Lord God planted a garden in the first white days of the world, and he set there an angel warden in a garment of

Light enfurled, and I dream that these garden closes with their shade and sunflecked sod, and their lillies and bowers of roses were laid by the hand of God.

So near to the peace of Heaven the hawk might nest with the wren. For there in the cool of the even God walked with the first of men.

The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon the Song of the Birds for Mirth, one is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.

Great loving generous All-Parent, Father-Mother-God, I did not hear nor did I see, but the Presence of Thy eternal Love whispers to me in the Voice of the Silence within my soul, ever remaining with me in the light and shadows of my earthly journey. Let mine eye be single, and clear my consciousness of the illusions of fears and doubts. May all souls be strung together in Thy Oneness, as pearls of a Rosary of thy Immaculate Heart’s Flame of eternal Love.

Its not what you Know that Heals but what you Are.

O Mary through thy holy and immaculate conception, purify my mind and my body and sanctify my soul.

O Mary My Mother and my Hope I take refuge under Thy Mantel , there will I live and die . Deliver me from sin and grant me Thy Holy Blessing.

Earth gave Him One Lodging twas deep in Thy Breast and God found a home where the sinner finds rest. My Home and my Hiding Place both are in Thee. I look out for Thy Shinning Sweet Star of the Sea. Mother into Thy hands I place my cause.

Author Unknown

Universal God, One Light, One Life, One Power,Thou All in All, beyond comprehension. Oh, Nature! Thou something from No-thing, Thou symbol of Wisdom.

In myself I am nothing. In Thee I am I. I live in Thee. Live Thou in me. And bring me out of the region of self Into Thy eternal Light.

In My Garden of Sweet Memories as the Seasons come and go, may Love’s own Sunshine Linger and the Fairest Flowers grow!

Oft in the stilly night e’re slumbers chains have bound me. Fond memories brings the light of other days around me.

All Things are Bright and Beautiful all creatures great and small, all things are wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.

14 March 2007

Many seers fortell of great earthchanges to occur and no doubt they will in some form or other.

Spirit always speaks to me of LOVE.

There is no other energy.

LOVE does not attack or destroy but renews.


The Physical is subject to MIND that is DIVINE MIND ONLY. Tragedies only occur in unbelief, we create them ourselves by giving into dark thoughts. All NATURE sings of LOVE but the ear of man is deaf to the sweet sounds of JOY everywhere. By LOVING DIVINE MIND and bathing only in its CONCSIOUSNESS can man be uplifted to GODMAN, only then can the planet earth be repaired. Does it change its place in the galaxy…..NO. Our destiny is LIFE EVERLASTING on EARTH RENEWED. To CREATE a CENTRE OF LIGHT is our real business on earth and why we are here. The material world will experience the ever increasing DIVINE ENERGIES that are soaking the earth like a HEAVENLY DEW or RAIN and these RAINS become more intense. These NEW FEELINGS …..ENERGIES…ETC….will cause some poor frightened souls to quake with dread and that feeling energy kills them because they do not classify it as LOVE. ALL THERE IS IS LOVE. LOVE creates the harvest of ABUNDANCE. LOVE even a stone, a drinking glass, all is alive alive oh. Tell each creation how LOVED IT IS and THANK ALL LIFE FORMS for THE GOODNESS. This simple MIND EFFORT produces the renewed LIFE FORMS. The MIND can negate all negative forms into the BEAUTIFUL and so WE ALL ARE ONE. 3 Days of Darkness are often quoted by seers…..It means resting in the darkness of LOVE recreating all into BEAUTY and FRAGRANCES RARE. HEAR the SWEET SONGS OF LOVE. LISTEN and you will catch their GENTLE SWEET REFRAINS AS HEALINGS OCCUR. ALL BLESSINGS SWEET DEAR SOULS OF LIGHT LOVE AND PEACE……BLESSINGS SPIRIT has folded its HANDS in PRAYER.

A Favourite saying of my Mother’s was this.

Coming events always casts their long shadows before them.


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