Commemorating Ireland’s centenary of the Easter Rising 1916-2016

This hauntingly beautiful song, revised for 2016 is the sixth chapter of Ireland’s ‘Centenary’ show that was broadcast from the Bord Gais Theatre in Dublin on Easter Monday 2016. ‘Mise Eire’, (My Ireland) is a new composition of Easter Rising Patrick Pearse’s poem performed by Sibéal Ní Chasaide set to a score by Patrick Cassidy.

Mise Eire is a 1912 Irish-language poem by the Irish poet and Republican revolutionary leader Patrick Pearse. In the poem, Pearse personifies Ireland as an old woman whose glory is past and who has been sold by her children.

The piece shows Dublin’s General Post Office (GPO) where Pearse and the other rebels fought from. Many were poets… from that site the new rebublic flag and proclaimation were read.

Irish version
(modern spelling) English translation
Mise Éire:

Sine mé ná an Chailleach Bhéarra

Mór mo ghlóir:
Mé a rug Cú Chulainn cróga.

Mór mo náir:
Mo chlann féin a dhíol a máthair.

Mór mo phian:
Bithnaimhde do mo shíorchiapadh.

Mór mo bhrón:
D’éag an dream inar chuireas dóchas.

Mise Éire:
Uaigní mé ná an Chailleach Bhéarra.

I am Ireland:

I am older than the Hag of Beara.

Great my glory:
I who bore brave Cúchulainn.

Great my shame:
My own children that sold their mother.

Great my pain:
My irreconcilable enemy who harrasses me continually.

Great my sorrow:
That crowd, in whom I placed my trust, decayed.

I am Ireland:
I am lonelier than the Hag of Beara.


In loving memory of all, including members and friends of our family who strove for a better Ireland. Love Mary.


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