Ledgier, Billimore Family, & Vandome Family.

Our Ledgier, Ledger, Billimore Family

James Ledger or Ledgier and Jane Billimore celebrated their marriage 1-11-1777 at Saint Mary, Reading, Berkshire.    James Ledgier died 21-11-1784, grave 3054, buried at Purley, St. Mary the Virgin.   Berkshire.


(1)…………….   James Ledgier (or Ledger) christened 27-2-1780 at Purley, Berkshire, son of James Ledgier and his wife Jane Billimore.   James Ledger and Margaret Meicklejohn celebrated their marriage 13th Aug 1804 at St. Luke Old Street, Finsbury, London.   Witnesses were Richard Vandome, Letitia Vandome, and Catherine Cowie (James’ sister)


(1)    Edmund Ledger christened 11-11-1805 at St Mary Reading, Berkshire.

(2)     James Ledger christened 16-9-1807 at St Mary Reading, Berkshire.

(3)     William Ledger born 3-8-1809 christened 16-1-1810 at St mary Reading, Berkshire.

(2)……………      Ann Ledgier (or Ledger) christened 14-10-1781 at Purley, Berkshire, daughter of James Ledgier and his wife Jane Billimore.

(3)……      Catherine Ledgier (or Ledger) christened 30-11-1783 at Purley, Berkshire, daughter of James Ledgier and his wife Jane Billimore.    (Catherine Ledgier (Ledger) married James Cowie 13-8-1803 see my Cowie family details).   Richard Vandome and his wife Letitia Burgess Vandome were witnesses.

Letitia Burgess and Richard Vandome celebrated their Marriage 25-10-1795 Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney, London.

Letitia Burgess was christened 4-4-1759 at Burghfield, Berkshire, daughter of Francis and Hannah Burgess.   Laetitias siblings:

Elizabeth born abt 11-12-1743, John, 2-8-1745, Mary, 9-10-1748, Hannah, 27-9-1752, Charles, 27-5-1750, George, 11-5-1755, James, 4-7-1756.

Burfield and Purley are about 2 miles apart in Berkshire.

Richard Vandome christened 26-9-1759 Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney, London,  son of Abraham and Elizabeth Vandome.    Richard was one of seven children.

R. Vandome, London

Vandome Titford’s & Pawson, London

Vandome’s Makers, London

Vandome & Hart Ltd

Vandome & Hart trace their beginnings to 1660, when Samuel Freeman, a blacksmith and scalemaker, operating from 117 Leadenhall Street, supplied scales to the Bank of England.    This business was taken over by William New around 1780.    Richard Vandome (of a Huguenot Family) served his apprenticeship with New, subsequently taking over the firm.   He was made free in in 1781.   Shortly afterwards he acquired the long established business of S. Read, and the firm became known as R. Vandome.   There were many subsequent changes of name.   Vandome’s nephew William Titford succeeded him.   The firm merged with that of Hart in 1930, and was eventually taken over by Herbert and Sons in 1995.

VANDOME FILFORD AND CO.   England 19th Century, PHIM.    Coin Balance=   see Richard Vandome, Leadenhall Street, London, RSW.

VANDOME, RICHARD.     England c. 1840, MIM PHIM.   Balances = WHI;  Weights = WHI;  Balance, steel = Christie-SK 8-20-87.    T.C.; took apprentices.   117 Leadenhall Street, London.   Taylor 2(2032) Dewhirst; RSW.

VANDOME, RICHARD, AND CO.     England c. 1850, PHIM.     balance makers; T.C.   117 Leadenhall Street, London.   Calvert 2;   G.L.’E.   Turner 24.

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