John and Rody Hogan, soldiers American Civil War – help needed

I dedicate this page to two of my great uncles namely: JOHN HOGAN and RODERICK (known as Rody or even Rodolphious) HOGAN.

JOHN HOGAN, I have been told by my late mother Mary Hogan Cowie, was the eldest of five brothers. So far I have not many personal details of John except that he apparently left Ireland for America. He was born in Kings County (County Offaly) between 1826-1835 approx. My mother said he was married, but to whom and where he married its uncertain.

The known facts are his mother’s last known Irish residence was Rape Mills, Old Road, Gloster, Lusmagh (near Banagher), Barony of Garrycastle, Parsonstown (Birr).

In 1860, his family by then living in Bendigo, Australia, advertised for him in the Boston Globe. These details are our John Hogan.

Company F. Rody Hogan Company I, and a Michael Kelly their brother-in-law, who also enlisted with them. John Hogan, aged 24 years. Enlisted 29-4-1861 at Elmira, mustered in as Private, Nineteenth Infantry, May 22 1861, to serve two years; transferred to Co. B. this Regiment, Nov. 22 1861; deserted June 4th 1862 at Portsmouth Virgina Side: Union. Film No M551 roll 65.

RODY HOGAN born at Lusmagh 1836, son of Catherine Horan Hogan and John Hogan. Rody travelled with his mother and young brother Kyran (or Kieran) to Port Phillip Melbourne arriving Jan. 1854, and by 23rd Sept. 1854 he was seeking JOHN from Adams, Jefferson County N.Y. So as soon as his mother and brother were settled in Melbourne he and Michael Kelly took off for New York. They all joined the Civil War, the only idea we have is that Rody was killed at Fort Abercrombie.

PLEASE Can anyone HELP with any further Information. If so I would be delighted to hear from you. Please send me an email to:

I dedicate this page to two of my great uncles namely: JOHN HOGAN and RODERICK (known as Rody or even Rodolphious) HOGAN.


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