Davis, Blake Families from London 1786 onwards

George Blake and Ann Davies (Davis) celebrated their Marriage on 2-10-1786 St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London. Ann Davies was the daughter of John and Ann Davies.


(1) John Alkin Blake (my great, great grandfather), was christened 3-12-1787 St Boltoph Without Aldgate, London

(2) Benjaman Blake born 6-8-1788, christened 28-9-1788, Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

(3) Ann Young Husband Blake baptised 1-9-1789,Saint Dionis, Blackchurch, London.

(4) George Yeaman Blake baptised 9-3-1791, Saint Dionis, Blackchurch, London.

(5) Sarah Blake born 26-1-1792, christened 2-2-1792, Lying In Hospital, Endell Street, Holborn, London.

(6) William Blake born 16-10-1793, Lying In Hospital, Endell Street, Holborn, London. Christened 17-10-1793.

(7) Eliza Blake born 6-4-1798. Christened 4-5-1798, Old Church, St. Pancras, London

(8) George Blake christened 26-12-1798 Bampton, Oxford, England.

(9) George Blake born 17-12-1799 christened 23-2-1800 Old Church, St Pancras, London

At the death of their mother Ann Davies Blake, only two of her children were living, namely John Alkin Blake and George Yeaman Blake.

In her Will, which was Proved 11-2-1815, Ann Blake, Widow, left her wearing Apparrel to her three sisters to share and share alike, namely:

(1) Susannah Davies (Davis) christened 10-12-1765 St. James Westminster. Daughter of John and Ann Davies. Susannah married James Barret 12-12-1803 at Eardisley, Hereford.

(2) Elizabeth Davies daughter of John and Ann Davies, born 26-8-1766. Christened 4-9-1766 Lying in Hospital Endell Street, Holborn, London.

(3) Jane Davies daughter of John and Ann Davies.

George and Ann Blake were wine and spirits merchants, and gun and cutlass makers, of the City of London. Blake’s Wharf in the Pool of London Port is named after them. Their residence was 104 High Street, Wapping.

John Alkin Blake and Elizabeth Stanley celebrated their Marriage, 5-8-1811, Saint Botolph Bishopsgate, London.


(1) Jane Read Blake born 10-10-1817. Jane Read Blake married Henry Charles Cowie St. Lukes Old Church, Finsbury, London 26-10-1850. (Further details and familyline see: My Cowie Familytree)

(2) Ann Alkin Blake born 31-8-1813. Ann Alkin Blake married Richard Vandome Cowie 1832. (Further details and familyline see: My Cowie Familytree)

George Yeaman Blake and Catherine Darby had two children namely:

(1) John George Blake born 27-12-1812

(2) Catherine Ann Blake

George Yeaman Blake died 1821 aged 30 years. Catherine Darby; the mother of John George Blake and Catherine Ann Blake, married John Dunn, 25-5-1822 Saint Clement Danes, Westminster, London. Little John George Blake went to live with his uncle John Alkin Blake and his name changed to George John Blake.

George John Blake and Caroline Mary Hopwood celebrated their Marriage about 1837. Caroline Mary Hopwood was christened 2-10-1816 Saint John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey. Her parents were James and Mary Hopwood.


(1) George Blake born 1838. Islington, St. Mary, Middlesex

(2) Caroline Emily Blake born 19-4-1839, Islington St. Mary, Middlesex.

(3) Frederick Blake born 1842.same as above.

(4) John Hopwood Blake born 22-7-1843 same as above.

(5) Alexander Blake born 1846 same as above.

(6) Catherine Blake born 1850 same as above.

(7) Percy Albert Blake born 26-8-1854 same as above.

Alexander Blake married Olympia Lord Knight born 6-7-1848, christened 18-12-1850, daughter of David and Olympia Lydia Knight of Stockwell, Surrey.


(1) Florence Blake born about 1878.

John Hopwood Blake and Elizabeth Sarah Perry celebrated their Marriage in 1870. John Hopwood Blake died 1902. (see obt. address Geological Society of London Feb. 1902)


(1) Lillie Maud Blake born about 1872. Married….. Herbert Caesar Wynn Cole, of Natal, Durban, South Africa

(2) Sydney Hopwood Blake born about 1873. Died 1898 aged 26 years.

(3) Rose E. Blake born about 1874.

(4) Grace Caroline Blake born about 1876.

(5) Charles Perry Blake born 1878. Died 1881

George Blake married Ellen.


(1) Matilda Blake born about 1865.

(2) Sarah J. Blake born about 1869

(3) Emily Blake born about 1871

(4) George John Blake born about 1873

(5) Clara Blake born about 1875

(6) Rose A. Blake born about 1880

Percy Albert Blake married Ellen E.


(1) Percy George Blake born Australia about 1877.

(2) Albert Blake born 1879, at Sea, on Vessel Whampott

(3) Nelly F. Blake born 1880 Southsea, Hampshire, England


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