Sands, Murray Families

Our Line begins:

David Sands born about 1604 at Gellat, Carnock, Fife, Scotland.

Bessie Christie or Chrystie born about 1608 at Dunfermline, Fife.

David and Bessie’s Marriage was celebrated 12-2-1629 at Carnock, Fife.


(1).   Margaret Sands christened 1-2-1631 at Dunfermline, Fife.

(2).   Janet Sands christened 28-4-1633 at Dunfermline, Fife.

(3).   Thomas Sands christened 16-1-1638 at Dunfermline, Fife.

(4).   William Sands christened 14-4-1640 at Dunfermline , Fife.

(5).   John Sands christened 3-4-1641 at Dunfermline, Fife.

(6).    Katherine Sands christened 30-4-1643 at Dunfermline, Fife.

(7).   Adam Sands christened 24-4-1649 at Dunfermline, Fife.

Adam Sands married Katherine Thomson 3-7-1674 at Dunfermline, Fife.


(1).    David   Sands christened 18-4-1680 at Dunfermline, Fife.

David  Sands married Cathrin Stewart 30-7-1708 at Torryburn, Fife.


(1).   Magdalene Sands christened 18-3-1716 at Torryburn, Fife.

Magdalene Sands married William Murray 9-11-1746 at Edinburgh, Midlothian.


(1)   Charelton Murray, a daughter, born 25-7-1747 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

(2)   William Murray born 20-2-1749 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

(3)    David Murray born 30-11-1750 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.   This child died young.

(4)     JEAN MURRAY born 14th May 1752 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.    Jean is my grandmother.   (see Cowie Familytree, and her Marriage to John Cowe) later their name changed to Cowie after they moved down to London.   Jean also became Jane!   Jane Murray Cowie died at Lea Bridge, Hackney, London 18-3-1818.

(5)    Helen Murray born 20-5-1754 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

(6)    David Murray born 17-10-1755 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.    David Murray married Katherine McKay.   (our family remained in contact until the late 1880’s with this branch of the Murray Family).

(7)   William Murray born 30-9-1758 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

(Because of 2 entries in my grandfather Harry Talbot Cowie’s Birthday Book I am continuing the Murray familytree to highlight these entries).

David Murray married Katherine McKay on 17-11-1779 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.


(1)   Katherine Murray born 8-10-1780 Edinburgh, Midlothian.   Catherine McKay Murray married James Captain McDonald 27-10-1815 Edinburgh Parish.

(2)   Charlotte Murray born 23-2-1782 Edinburgh.

(3)   William Murray born 7-4-1784 Edinburgh.

(4)   James Murray born 17-3-1786 Edinburgh.

(5)   David Murray born 8-11-1787 Edinburgh.

(6)   Sarah Shade Murray born 10-5-1789 Edinburgh.

(7)   Elizabeth McKay Murray born 10-5-1789 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

(8)   William Forrest Murray born 8-4-1793, christened 19-4-1793 Edinburgh.

(9)    George MacKay Murray born 27-11-1794, christened 1-12-1794 Edinburgh. (twin)

(10)   Hugh MacKay Murray born 27-11-1794 Edinburgh (twin).

(11)   Jean Murray born 31-10-1796 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.       (The Marriage of Jean (later Jane),  daughter of David Murray, to Alexander McKay Junior, was celebrated  2-11-1819 Edinburgh Parish.   

Their two Children were:

(1)   Katherine McKay born Belfast 15-8-1820.    Died Belfast 2-1-1903.

(2)   Elizabeth Murray McKay born Belfast 16-8-1823.  Died Belfast 11-6-1905.

Sadly Alexander McKay Jnr. departed this life at Belfast 1-3-1829 aged 35 years.

Jane McKay departed  this life at Belfast 9-7-1857 aged 61 years.

Alexander McKay Snr,   Proprietor of the Belfast Newsletter,  saddened by the early death of his son, Alexander McKay Jnr.     then choose James Alexander Henderson,  as a fitting publisher and manager to take over the newspaper business.      Alexander McKay Snr, died at Belfast 5-11-1844.   The following year  James Alexander Henderson married the second daughter of Alexander McKay.       The wedding of Agnes McKay and James Alexander Henderson was celebrated in Belfast 11-12-1845.

Sir James Henderson 1848-1914 Lord Mayor of Belfast was undoubtedly their  most famous son.  

(12)   Mary Ann Murray born 24-8-1798 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

(13)    Charles Hope Murray born 17-10-1806 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

Mary Ann Murray,  and Charles Hope Murray,  were at their father David’s home, The Towers , when Henry Charles Cowie visited them with his two little daughters, Katherine and Florence Cowie.    They were very tired after the long train journey from London and wouldnt eat their tea.   Gt uncle David roared at them   “Eat your food you little devil!   Little Katherine  replied.  You eat yours you big devil!   As the Family was in awe of Old David,  they waited with baited breath for his usual outburst, instead he roared with laughter!   (Details from an old family letter).

Charles Hope Murray married Agnes Cooper Mitchell.   8-12-1828 Saint Cuthbert’s Edinburgh.


Robert Mitchell Murray born 27-9-1829 St. Cuthberts Blotter, Edinburgh

Agnes Murray born 4-1-1835 Saint Cuthberts, Edinburgh

Catherine Murray born 21-5-1843 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Charles Hope Murray born 7-9-1845 Glasgow, Lanark

David Murray,  son of David Murray and Katherine McKay, celebrated his marriage to Margaret Halliday, 4th July 1809, St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh.


(1)   Catharine Elizabeth Murray born 30-6-1810 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

(2)   David Murray born 16-10-1811 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.    (See entry in Birthday Book, as mentioned above).

(3)   Alexander John Murray born 13-1-1814 Perth, Perthshire, Scotland.    Death 1-8-1837.

(4)   Margaret Isabell Murray born 2-8-1817 Greyfriers,Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.   Death 15-2-1823.

(5)   James Charles Murray born 17-1-1816 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

(6)   Richard Wharton Murray born 3-1-1819 Greyfriers, Edinburgh.    Death 20-7-1823.

(7)   William Murray born 4-7-1820 Perth Guiana, Midlothian, Scotland.   Death 21–6-1855.

(8)   Catherine Isabella Murray born 8-6-1823 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.

(9)   Matilda Jane Sands Murray born 18-2-1825 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh.   (An old letter states that this cousin was often visited by the London Cowie Family).

(9)   Margaret Elizabeth Murray born 14-12-1830 Greyfriers, Edinburgh.   Death 24-1-1841.

Charles Hope Murray son of Charles Hope Murray and Agnes Cooper Mitchell celebrated his marriage to Isabella Adam Gemmell 12-6-1873 at Govan, Lanark Scotland.


Charles Hope Murray born 14-3-1874 Govan, Lanark, Scotland.   (see entry in Birthday Book of Harry Talbot Cowie as mentioned above).     Charles Hope Murray died during the Great War, aged 40 years.   Not married.

This completes our record and known connections to the Sands,  Murray,  families.


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  1. chopemurray says:

    I am the grandson of Charles Hope Murray, who married Maude Eliza Whitson, and died in 1938. He had 5 children – Charles (Terry), Sheila, Athol (d after 1m), Elspeth and Iona. He did not die in the Great War but served as a Lieutenant-Colonel, commanding the 21st Battalion of the Glasgow Highlanders.

    My father, Charles Hope-Murray (known as Terry), married Hillary Jessie Smedley and died in 1989. He had 3 children – James Garry (d. 2008), Colin (myself) and Lynne Ann.

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