Harry Talbot Cowie’s Birthday Book & some details

Names in Harry Talbot Cowies Birthday Book (given to him by his Aunt Ann Alkin Blake Cowie, 1877

Nooroy Pickersgill            1st January

Bouverie Alleyne               14th January….. (added detail)… (1861 son of Bouverie Alleyne and his wife Charlotte Agnes Emma Colebrooke)

Charles Talbot Cowie         14th January 1896

Ann Watherston                 15th January.

Mrs Fenton                        18th January

Florence Annie (Nancy) Cowie     19th January 1901

Richard Kenneth Cowie      23rd January 1877

B.M. Greig                           29th January

C.E.  Smith                          13th Feb. 1870

Nurse Lincoln                       18th Feb

Patrick Talbot Cowie           24th Februray

Joseph Handel Fenton          26th February 1877

Etta Joifs                              1st March

Gertrude Alleyne                   7th March….( added detail…(1859 daughter of Charlotte Agnes Emma Colebrooke and Bouverie Alleyne)

Lily Hope Ronaldson              13th March

Charles Hope Murray             14th March 1874

William N. Clay                       25th March

Mrs Joifs                                25th March

Roger Cunnliffe Fenton          28th March

Lousia Holt                              9th April

George Waterlow                   12th April

Annie (Cowper) Cowie           15th April, Adelaide, Australia.

Caroline Emily Blake               19th April

Harry Joifs                              24th April

Hugo Frank Henry                   30th April

E. Helen Young                        2nd May 1868

Catherine Boissier                    3rd May

Arthur Ronaldson                    15th May

Henry Charles Cowie                19th May 1804

Harry Talbot Cowie                  26th May 1856

May Ronaldson                         31st May

Richard Vandome Cowie           3rd June

Minnie Joifs                               4th June

Edith M. Godfrey                        4th June

Florence Margaret Cowie (Glyde)   9th June

Kitty Perry                                  28th June

Perceval Anchor Thompson        16th July

Adelaide Jane Cowie                   21st July 1894

Barbaro, second son of Marchinefs de Lan Georgio                                 3rd August

C.G. Godfrey                                7th August

Charles Waterlow                         9th August

Richard Tennant Pickersgill          15th August

Percy Albert Blake                        26th August

Ann Alkin Blake (Cowie)               31st August 1813

Annie Ronaldson                           2nd September

Ellen Gertrude Dowell                    2nd September

Frederick Cowie                             8th August

Emily Susan Mills                           12th August

Mr. Lincoln                                     13th September

Mary Margaret Cowie 19th September

Catherine Jane Cowie (Fenton)     23rd September

Frederick Richard Pickersgill          25th September

Ivan Watson                                  28th September

Frederick Michael Cowie                 29th  October

Vandome Henry Cowie                   7th October

Jane Read Blake (Cowie)               10th October 1817

Isobel Pollard                                 16th October

David Murray                                   16th october 1811

Charles Robert Cowper                   1st November

Henry F. Joifs                                   9th November

Catherine & Elizabeth Jones              14th November

G.S. Henry                                    3rd December 1871

George Trudeau                           7th December

Henry James Bulteel                     19th December

George John Blake                        27th December 1812


Details of Henry Talbot Cowie from an entry he submitted to Cyclopedia of N.Z. Vol. 1 Wellington District 1897:  ………………….

Henry Talbot Cowie of Huikumui, Pipiriki.     Mr. Cowie’s estate of 1200 acres, situated fifty-six miles from Wanganui , of which about 900 acres are cleared.    1600 sheep, 140 head of cattle,  20 horses.    Amongst them some good hacks, are supported on the property.    A two storied, seven roomed house, with all necessary out-buildings, has been erected on the farm.   Mr. Cowie was born in 1856 at Highgate, London, and was educated at Chomley College, Highgate, and the College, Torquay, Devon.    After some experience with Messrs. Stewart and McDonald of Glasgow, he came to New Zealand in 1880 by the ship “Beddington”, a coal ship landing at Lambton Quay, Wellington.     Locating in Wanganui, he was employed by Messrs. Peel and Yates for twelve months, afterwards engaging in droving and cattle dealing.   Subsequently he became manager of a station near Mt. Tongariro.    He takes an interest in sporting and is a steward of the Karioi Racing Club.   In 1891 Mr. Cowie,  married Annie, a daughter of Mr. C.W. Cowper of Wanganui, and has a son and a daughter.


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