Wash 3 whole eggs and place in a bowl
Add the squeezed juice of 12 lemons
Cover and leave 24 hours.

Place eggs and lemon into blender,

The add to Blender:
1/2lb warm honey
1/2 bottle good Rum
2-4 tablespoons acerola or tart cherry powder

Blend until thick mixture. Pour into a glass jar
that has a lid and keep in Frig.
Take on empty stomach up to 1/2 a tumblerfull twice
The old timers swore by it, it was given to women after
childbirth and anyone who was poorly.


About Mary Cowie

lives in new zealand
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2 Responses to MY GRANNIE’S TONIC

  1. Jyn says:

    How interesting! I wonder what the tonic did exactly? What were the beneficial properties of the eggs in it?

    Thanks for the recipe! Im looking for herbs and spices to ease childbirth during and afterwards for my 6th birth.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Dear Friend,
      So glad you like My Grannies Tonic. From memory, the eggs are a whole food
      and the dissolved egg shells in the lemon juice are a source of calcium.
      The Brandy preserves it and of course is a good remedy in itself
      It is a tonic to help the mother and feeding child, or it can be great also
      for a very debilitated person who cant eat much else.
      I remember when I had Catherine I was told to drink Stout and Raspberry and
      eat peanuts to increase breast milk.
      Raspberry leaf tea is a well known remedy for childbirth. Apple cider
      vinegar and honey also a great remedy.

      Re Grannies Remedy a man who was very ill used it and gained much needed
      weight and got himself back to good health.

      Wishing you and your liitle one every Blessing,
      Mary Dawson

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