I am looking for the descendants of ANNIE ALICE COWIE  (also known as Nancy),    (daughter of Frederick Michael Cowie and his wife Alice Annie Grace),

who married THOMAS WORSLEY in 1919 in Chorlton Lancashire.   Known to have one son THOMAS WORSLEY living in the 1940’s.   Grandmother Alice Annie Cowie, remarried,  (Mrs William Percy Hutchfield),  lived at 83 Haworth Road, Gorton Manchester.

I would love to hear from any relative so please send me an email to

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COWPER – Wanganui, New Zealand

I would love to hear from any relative of Charles William Cowper. late of Wanganui, and Annie Eliza Kelly his wife.

They were my great grandparents.

Please send me an email:

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I am interested in hearing from June Morris daughter of Sonny Morris,  or  (Priest).

Stepmother Elsie.   There were four brothers , one of which was Harry.

Members of the Priest or Morris Families are long lost Cousins, who were living in the Auckland area in the 1960’s. Remember visiting you with Elsie.

I would love to get an email and reconnect please

email me at:

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120 gms, or 4ozs of medium oatmeal

(plus extra for rolling out dough etc)

1/2 teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda

a pinch salt

2 ozs of butter or oil

10 tablespoons boiling water

In a mixing bowl place dry ingredients

add melted butter or oil, stir in boiling water.

Mix well together and turn out onto oatmeal

floured board for rolling out .   Divide dough

into two  pieces.   Roll to about half centimeter

thick, use a glass to cut into circles.

Bake abt 10 minutes at 200 degrees Celcius or

400F.   Gas Mark 6.     Until golden brown around the

edges.      Cool  a minute, then place on a wire rack.


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1 heaped teaspoon psylluim hulls

1 heaped teaspoon powdered licorice root

1 heaped teaspoon slippery elm


Place these ingredients into a tall glass.

3/4 fill glass with water.   Stir until all combined.

Cover.   Leave overnight.    In the morning

add orange or just juice of choice or lemon.

Stir  and drink on an empty stomach.

I personally have found this works for me as I

have a reflux problem compounded by a shakitsky

ring (a birth defect) but this drink keeps me well.

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