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A legal document concerning our family, states that our James Cowe (Cowie) eldest son of John and Jane Cowe (Cowie) had a brother and I believe that the following John Cowie is that brother, from a memory of my father, who once told me there was a Hardwicke Cowie, but he didnt know if he was a relative or not, hence this entry.

Also the Cow Family of Cockburnspath where our early forbears came from on the Border, were all Presbyterians.

JOHN COWIE and HELEN RENNY (daughter of Henry Renny and Mary Henderson his wife) celebrated their Marriage 1-8-1802, Montrose, Angus, Scotland.

Helen Renny was born 24-12-1783 Montrose, Angus, Scotland.

Children of John and Helen Cowie are as follows:

(1) John Cowie born 2-4-1804. Christened 5-5-1804 London Wall Scotch Church, London.

(2) Henry Cowie born 31-10-1805. Christened 3-12-1805 at same as above.

(3) Charles James Cowie born 6-4-1807. Union Independent, Islington, London.

(4) Mary Hope Cowie born 28-12-1808 St Mary, Islington, London

(5) Hardwicke Cowie born 21-12-1810, christened 20-2-1811 Union Independent, Islington, London.

(6) Benjamin Cowie born 22-12-1812 Stoke, Newington, Middlesex.

(7) David Cowie born 25-7-1814, christened 20-9-1814 Union Independent, Islington, London.

(8) Catherine Jane Cowie born 6-10-1820, Christened 29-12-1820 Union Independent, Islington, London.

(9) Thomas Wardwicke Cowie born 20-11-1822. Christened 14-1-1823 Union Independent, Islington, London.

Helen (or Ellen) Cowie Celebrated her Marriage 13th February 1866 to Lieut. William Holmes Longman R.N.R, at Clewer Church, near Windsor. Ellen was William Holmes Longman’s second wife. and was the daughter of James Cowie and Catherine Ledger Cowie, of St. Martin’s-le-Grande, London. Lieut W. Holmes Longman was the late Commander of the Ship Silver Eagle. Ellen Longman, Widow, was living at 6 Highgate Rise, London with her stepsons in the 1881 Census. Namely: William B. Longman, aged 23 years, born Trinidad, born at Sea, Artist. Val J Rod Longman, aged 21 born Mauritius, Born at Sea, Foreign News Agent (Reporter). H.C. Longman aged 19 years born Demerern, Born at Sea. Articled Pupil to Auctioneer. The Longman Family were well known London Publishers. Ellen Longman died about 1884.

Eliza Murray Cowie (daughter of James Cowie and Catherine Ledger Cowie), Celebrated her Marriage to John Jones 6-1-1844 St. Pancras Old Church, London. John Jones was born about 1811, and was Mayor of Clewes.


(Twins) Catherine Jones and Elizabeth Murray Jones born 14-11-1849 at Clewer, Windsor, Berkshire.

Richard Vandome Cowie, (son of James Cowie and Catherine Ledger Cowie), and Ann Alkin Blake (daughter of John Alkin Blake and Elizabeth Blake), Celebrated their Marriage in 1831.


(1) Ann Cowie born 2-9-1832, baptised 28-9-1832.

(2) Jane-Amy Cowie, baptised 30-4-1834. Jane-Amy Cowie died March 1849 aged 15 years.

(3) Vandome Henry Cowie, baptised 2-11-1836.

(4) Frederick Michael Cowie born 29th October 1851.

Frederick Michael Cowie, (son of Richard Vandome Cowie and Ann Alkin Cowie), and Alice Annie Grace, Celebrated their Marriage 5th June 1894, in Tring, Hertford. Frederick Michael Cowie died 26th April 1899, aged 48 years.


(1) Annie Alice Cowie born 1895.

(2) Edith Alkin Cowie born 1899.

Vandome Henry Cowie,……. (son of Richard Vandome and Ann Alkin Blake Cowie), …… and Elizabeth Ann Maud…… (born 23-6-1840, christened 12-7-1840 Old Church, St.Pancras, London, ( daughter of John Morgan Maud and his wife Elizabeth Glynes Maud) of Wapping, Middlesex. Celebrated their Marriage in 1864.


(1) Francis Athol Cowie, born 17-9-1873 in New York U.S.A. Died there 14-7-1874.

(2) Son, ……..Cowie. born new York 17-9-1875. Died, New York.

(3) Richard Kenneth Cowie, born 23-1-1877 at Walthamstow, Essex

Richard Kenneth Cowie, Celebrated his Marriage in 1906 to Margaret Randal Hayter, born 1878 Lee, Kent, (daughter of Frank Hayter and his wife Fanny Catherine Hayter).


(1) Francis Vandome Cowie

(2) Hilliary Vandome Cowie born 1912

(3) Jeanne Cowie

(4) Joan Alison Cowie born 1916. Died April 1998, Bexley, Kent.

Ann Cowie (daughter of Richard Vandome Cowie and Ann Alkin Blake Cowie). Married Captain Arthur Ronaldson. Ann Cowie Ronaldson, died March 1878 aged 45 years.


(1) Lily Hope Ronaldson born 13-3-1869, Mitcham Surrey.

(2) May Ronaldson born 31-5-1873, Merton Surrey.

Lily Hope Ronaldson married in 1897 Thomas Wentworth Bayspoole. Remarried Dr. Frederick William Waters and went to live in Australia.

Frederick Cowie, (son of James Cowie and Catherine Ledger Cowie, Celebrated his Marriage to Amelia Head 29-4-1861. (Frederick Cowie was an Historical Figure Painter and Artist, a member of the Royal Academy of Art London from aged 16 years and a Life member. He also painted 1st Prize Picture of the Scottish National Art Union.


(1) Moreton Head Cowie

(2) Arthur Stanhope Cowie

Moreton Head Cowie and Agnes Taylor Sinclair Celebrated their Marriage 16th February 1887, St. James Church, Auckland, New Zealand.


(1) Mary Amelia Cowie born 7-6-1888 at Auckland. Married Alexander Graham 14-7-1937. Died 1970.

(2) Alice Annie Cowie born born 7-5-1890 at Auckland. Married Thomas Albert John Mailman 12-6-1918.

(3) Frederick John Sinclair Cowie born 16-12-1892. Married Agnes Watson.

(4) Robert Stanhope Cowie born 13-12-1893. Died 10-7-1894.

(5) Morton Peto Cowie born 3-2-1895. Married Hazel May Lucas 21-9-1921. Died 12-6-1959.

(6) Andrew Victor Cowie born July 1897. Died 10-11-1897.

(7) Agnes Margaret Cowie born 10-10-1898. Married Harold Jackson.

(8) Myrtle Roberta Cowie born 13-11-1900. Died 19-8-1995.

(9) Emily Leola Cowie born 21-7-1903. Married Edgar White 27-12-1946.

(10) Claude Athol Cowie born 18-4-1906. Died 24-12-1906.

(11) Douglas Leigh-Hunt Cowie born 21-11-1907. Married Freda Schwartz .

Margaret Cowie (daughter of James Cowie and Catherine Ledger Cowie) Celebrated her Marriage to Reginald George Hamblyn Mootham 6-1-1844 Old Church, St. Pancras, London.


(1) Beauchamp Harry St. John Mootham, born 25-2-1845. Christened 19-11-1845, Saint Mark, Kennington, London. Married Julie Elsie Johanne Quitzau 15-2-1881, St. James, Westminster, London.

(2) Frank St. John Mootham born 21-9-1846, christened 22-1-1851 Old Church, St. Pancras, London.

(3) Louis St. John Mootham born 4-6-1848, christened 22-1-1851 Old Church St. Pancras, London. Married Mary Jane Sargent about 1872, Westminster, London.

(4) St. Andrew St. John Mootham born 23-1-1850, christened 22-1-1851 Old Church, Saint Pancras, London.

(5) Ambrose Parr St. John Mootham born 9-3-1852, christened 31-3-1852 Old Church, St. Pancras, London.

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