Callanan and Keogh Family

My great grandfather was Daniel Callanan born  about 28th June 1834, Limerick City, Co. Limerick, Ireland, son of Hugh Callanan and his wife Bridget Sheehan.

Daniel married Margaret Keogh, born about  24th July 1834. daughter of James Keogh and his wife Martha Brooknell.

Daniel Callanan and Margaret Keogh  were married in Cappamore, County Limerick  on 7th November 1854.    Their address was Dromsally, (or Dromsallagh), Cappamore, Limerick.

Witnesses:   John Keogh and Kearine Connors.

In 1855 Daniel & Margaret Callanan,  both aged 20 years……. (name spelled Callinan,  and at other times name spelled Callan, Culnan or Callaghan),……………..

They sailed from Plymouth on the Ship John Banks. under the command of Master J. Walker. The John Banks,  a sailing vessel of 765  tons. left Plymouth…. 16-2-1855,    and bearthed at Port Adelaide, South Australia on  28-5-1855.

The Surgeon Superintendent was Mr. R.T. McCowan who had under his care a total of 292 souls.   Only 7 families afforded assisted passage on the voyage.   The Embarkation orders to join the voyage were signed by Mr S Walcott, Secretary to the Colonial Land and Emmigration Commissioners of Westminster.   John & Maria Hallett, passengers paid one pound each and their children were charged ten shillings for the voyage.

Their eldest son John Callanan (or Culnan) as he is registered there;   was born 4-10-1855 at Port Eliot, South Australia.   Birth registered 7th Nov. 1855 Adelaide Sth. Australia. John was about nine years old when he came to Ross with his parents Daniel and Margaret Callanan,  and younger siblings.    John Callanan;   and Mary Morgan,  (born 1864 in Dunedin), (daughter of Frederick William Morgan);   Celebrated their Marriage on 22nd May 1881,  in the Town of Ross, South Westland, New Zealand.   John was a Bookmaker.


Alfred Charles Callanan born 8-4-1883 Town of Ross.   (eldest son of John and Mary Morgan Callanan)

When John Callanan died 26-8-1910 he left a wife (Mary Morgan Callanan) and 10 children.   Alfred Charles Callanan, George Callanan,    Frederick William Callanan, Roy Callanan, Norah Callanan, Frank Callanan aged 11 years, Eliza Callanan aged 10 years, Edward Callanan aged 5 years, Rhoda Callanan aged 6 years, Dorothy Callanan aged 3 years.     (John William Callanan died 1906 aged 20 years and is buried with his father John Callanan at Boulder West Australia.)

Mon. 29-8-1910 (from the “Kalgoorlie Miner”).     The funeral of the late John Callanan which  took place yesterday, was very largely attended .   The cortage which left his residence in Hopkins Street, at 2.30 was headed by over 200 pedestrians (employees of the Golden Horseshoe Mine).   The hearse was followed by three mourning coaches, conveying the widow, children and near relatives of the deceased, and about 70 private vicheles formed the remainder of the procession.   At the Boulder Cemetry an impressive funeral service was conducted at the graveside by the Very Rev. Dean Brennan.    The pallbearers were Messrs. Growcott, B. Rowe, W. Jones, J. Clancy, E. Hodges and J.Lee.    Wreaths and floral tributes were received from the underground staff of the Horseshoe mine, the employees on the deceased’s shift, Mr. J.W. Sutherland, Mr. & Mrs A.C.Morgan, Mr. & Mrs. Kyran Brennan, Mr. & Mrs. F.W. Morgan, Mr. & Mrs. G. Purcer, Mr. & Mrs. Cronk, Mr.& Mrs. J. Morgan, Mr.& Mrs. Craig, and Mrs. Wulf, Mr. & Mrs.J. Dillon, Mr.& Mrs. L.Hahn, Mrs. Gordon & Family, Mr.P. Dillon and others.    The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Mannion & Cruse.    The deceased leaves a wife and 10 children ( seven boys and 3 girls, in age from 27 years to three years).    At the time of his death the deceased was 52 years of age.

He was born in Adelaide, whence he went to New Zealand with his parents in 1864, and followed mining pursuits.    He went to Broken Hill in 1886, and was employed by the Proprietary Co. as shift boss for about 6 years.

He arrived in Western Australia in 1897, and was immediately engaged as shift boss by the Lake View Consols Co., which position he resigned seven years ago to accept a similar position in the Golden Horseshoe Mine, the underground manager, Mr. A.C. Morgan, being his brother-in-law.     This position he held until his death on Friday last.

The deceased was on night shift on the eve of the Kalgoorlie Cup;   and went in his usual health to the races.   On the course he suffered an attack of paralysis, and was removed to the hospital, where he succumbed after a couple of days illness.   The late Mr. Callanan was steady, quiet and unassuming, and while being fond of sport, was not a betting man.   His sudden end came as a shock to his numerous friends.

(Other known Children of Daniel and Margaret Keogh Callanan but not necessarily in order of age:)

Edward Callanan, known to have returned  to Australia, during the 1880’s  after having lived for a few years in New Zealand.    In 1896 his family had not heard from him for 10 years.    Thought he might have gone to California.      Would like to hear from any relatives.   Thank you.

Patrick Callanan, son of Daniel Callanan and Margaret Keogh his wife.            No Known info available at present.

Would be interested to hear from anyone who thinks they are connected.   Thank you.

Mary Ann Callanan.    Known to have worked at the Club Hotel, in Greymouth, New Zealand.       Probably Mary Byrne.   One known child Meryl Byrne (late of Greymouth, and late of Christchurch, New Zealand).   Meryl married a Russian Seaman who came into the Port of Lyttelton, Christchurch.    They had one known son Anton, possibly a chef.    Meryl died in tragic circumstances late 1950’s or early 1960’s in Christchurch.   Would love to hear from any relatives of Meryl.     Please contact me.   Thank you.            Meryl stayed with my grandmother Margaret Hogan as a child, in the Hokitika area of Westland New Zealand.

Ellen Callanan later Mrs Rogers.   Ellen’s husband William Rogers was killed in a mining accident at Christmas 1895  in Coolgardie,  Australia.   She had one son Willie Rogers.    (I am looking for any relatives of Willie Rogers!)     Please contact me.   Thank you.

Daniel Callanan, was born in 1869 in Rosstown, New Zealand, leaving there when he was 12 years of age in 1881 with his widowed mother Margaret,  and Michael, Kate and Ellen his siblings.                                          Dan lived in Sydney City, working as a labourer.    My mother and aunt Kate met him there in 1928.     Dan passed away, unmarried, on February 8th 1931 at the State Hospital Liverpool, Sydney, and is buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery at Liverpool, Sydney.

Margaret Callanan, later Mrs. Kieran Hogan, my maternal grandmother. (see my Hogan details etc).

Bridget Callanan, daughter of Daniel Callanan and Margaret Keogh Callanan was born 24th May 1865 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.    Bridget came as a child with her parents to the Ross Goldfields Westland. Bridget Callanan and Henry William Priest were  married in Hokitika. on 20th October 1883.     Henry William Priest was the son of Henry William Priest (Master Mariner), and his wife Jane Turnbull.

Their Children are as follows:

Stella Priest, later Mrs William Selby, had  one son, William or Clifton Selby.  Clifton married Patricia and they lived in Christchurch, later shifting to the Gold Coast, Australia.  They had two sons.   I remember Bill and Patricia and meeting their young children in Christchurch when I was young.

Beatrice Priest, later Mrs John Anderson.   Beattie was a frock designer and worked at Fashion House in Christchurch and Wellington.   No children.

Alice Priest, later Mrs Arthur Macdonald of Dunedin.   Alice had two sons….(1)….    Robert MacDonald, ….Robert was killed in the 2nd World War when he was drowned on  H.M.S. Neptune.   Also (2)…  Laurie MacDonald.   Alice was an accomplished pianist and Arthur her Scottish husband a renowned singer and Piper.

Harry Priest, (or Morris), was  married ……and had 5 children. Four sons, and one daughter.     ( I remember meeting his only daughter June,  many years ago.)      Harry a widower later remarried Elsie and lived in Auckland, New Zealand.

Albert Priest, (Morris)    ……..details unknown. He ran an hotel in the Auckland area.

John Priest,  (Morris)  ………details unknown.   Interested in horse racing.

Annie Priest,was the youngest daughter of Bridget and Henry.     My mother’s account of her little cousin describes a very pretty little girl with chestnut curls and big blue eyes who could sing like a linnet.    Little Annie died when she was 12 years old and is buried in Kumara cemetry, near Hokitika.    The night before her death she sang the song,  a Perfect Day.   Even years later her dear Mother Bridget used to weep whenever she heard this song.   Bridget Priest died 4th May 1951 at Davenport, Auckland and is buried at the Albany Cemetery.

Would like to hear from any relatives of the Priest, Schniderman, MacDonald,  or Morris Families.    Thank you.

Michael Callanan born June 1871, baptised 19-9-1871 Ross, Westland, New Zealand, Sponsers …Michael Beakany and Mrs. Catherine Ryan, Michael was the  youngest son of Daniel and Margaret Keogh Callanan.    He travelled to Australia with his mother and two sisters, namely Ellen and Catherine, about 1880.   Any other details unknown.    On this baptismal Cert. of Michael,  his mother Margaret,  states her name is Margaret McKeogh, not Keogh.   Looking for relatives of Michael Callanan.   Please contact me.   Thank you.

Catherine Callanan youngest child of Daniel and Margaret Callanan born 1-2-1874, and baptised 8-2-1874 in Ross, Sth. Westland New Zealand, Sponser Mary Lockington.   Catherine  was later Mrs. Doyle.   No children.

I am interested in hearing from any known relatives who may read this page.   Please contact me at:


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