Hogan Familytree


CATHERINE   HORAN  born Lusmagh area, Kings’s County Ireland,  about 1799 daughter of   JOHN  HORAN &
CATHERINE HORAN married JOHN HOGAN about 1825 in Kings County
Ireland.   JOHN HOGAN DIED in Kings County pre 1853.    CATHERINE HOGAN as a widow arrived in Melbourne Australia 22nd Jan. 1854 on the Ship “Boomerang”which sailed from Liverpool on 5th Nov 1853.   The ship carried 399 passengers of whom 10 died during the voyage.    The disposal record states that Catherine could read but not write and was a domestic and a Roman Catholic.     Catherine Hogan (nee Horan)  died 11th Feb. 1887 in Bendigo she is buried in the Old Bendigo Cemetry in an unmarked grave.
She had lived 34 years in Australia, and  was 88 years old.   Catherine owned a cottage in Bendigo and lived near her brother Joseph Horan, her sister Honora Mackins, her niece Honora Merrigan, also her son Patrick and his family (see below).

The children of JOHN HOGAN & his wife CATHERINE HORAN  were:

JOHN   born about 1825, Lusmagh, Banagher area, King’s County
PATRICK    born about 1829, Lusmagh, Banagher area, King’s County
THOMAS   born abt 1826, Lusmagh, Banagher area, King’s County
RODERICK    baptised at St. Cronan’s Catholic Church Lusmagh Kings County,
KYRAN (or KIERAN)         baptised at St. Cronan’s Catholic Church Lusmagh 11-7-1838.              (The Church of St. Cronan didnt open until about 1835)

JOHN HOGAN   went to America and fought in the American Civil war.  At point of writing we have no real info about John Hogan.   My late mother Mary Hogan Cowie always said he was married to a state Govs daughter in America, but who knows.   His brother Thomas was seeking info about him in the Boston Globe Newspaper on 13th Oct 1860.  Whether he ever made contact with his family is uncertain.   Though knowledge of the deaths of both John and Rody Hogan were known and recorded as predeceasing their Mother Catherine Hogan as on her death entry in the Victorian death records in 1888.

RODERICK HOGAN  (Rody).       Rody accompanied  his mother Catherine,  and youngest brother Kyran,  to Melbourne on the “Boomerang” as mentioned above.   Rody must have left almost straight away for America from Australia,  as he was known to be with John in the Civil War.    He also posted a notice in the Boston Globe seeking his brother John before leaving for America himself.        Rody  was killed at  Red River Dakota, Abercrombie.     Rody was also accompanied by Michael Kelly his brother-in-law.   Nothing is known of what happened Michael Kelly.    He was Eliza Kelly Hogan’s brother.
By the time of Catherine’s death in 1887 in Bendigo Australia, both John and Rody had predeceased her as mentioned above,    Kieran was  living in New Zealand,   and Tom in Tasmania.         Patrick was the only son who remained in Bendigo.

PATRICK HOGAN married ELIZA KELLY daughter of Martin Kelly and his wife Mary
Banon.   They were married in Banagher Catholic Church May 8th `1852 Kings County Ireland.   They sailed immediately for Australia on the ship “America”as they arrived in Moreton Bay New South Wales on 16th Feb. 1853.  Patrick was 24 and Eliza 23.
They could read and write and both were Roman Catholics.  During the voyage they complained about the quality and quantity of the food issued to them.   The fact is noted on the ship’s passenger list.   Two ladies Ellen and Honora Horan also sailed on this ship.      Honora was Patrick’s cousin, later Mrs Andrew Merrigan.
Patrick and Eliza’s first child was born on the voyage born 16th Feb 1853,  and baptised Mary,  at Ipswich,  on 6th May 1853.  Ann Horan and Thomas Power were the godparents.   Ann Horan may have been a relative.   It would appear so, but is unproven so far.
On the 4th Sept. 1865 Patrick and Eliza were living in Bendigo where John their second child was born.  He was baptised at St. Killians Church Bendigo on 22nd Sept 1865 and his uncle Kieran (Kyran) and his grandmother Catherine Hogan (Horan) were his godparents.
Patrick and Eliza went on to have eight children.  The last six were Rosanna – 1857, Thomas – 1859, Catherine (Kate) – 1862, Elizabeth – 1864, Kieran Patrick – 1869, Teresa – 1871.   The first  four were baptised at St. Killian’s Bendigo but no written records of the births of the last two.    Patrick and Eliza had moved to Yarrawonga  returning later to Bendigo.   Patrick was employed at the installation of the water reticulation there.
On the 4th Nov. 1873 Patrick and Eliza purchased land in High Street Golden Square Bendigo and here they built their home which is still standing in good order and is occupied,  to this day.
They lived  diagionally opposite the Golden Square Hotel.

Both Catherine Horan Hogan (gt grandmother) and Eliza her daughter-in-law were midwifes and their names are on many old Bendigo birth certificates.

Rosanna married John James Haydon.   They lived in Glenferrie and had several daughters.

Mary Hogan ( Patrick & Eliza’s first born),  married Alexander Collins on 11th July 1877 in St. Killians Church, Bendigo.    Alexander Thompson Collins was born abt 1848 in Lochgelly, Scotland.
.   Their children were Lila Francis 14-4-1878, Patrick Henry 14-2-1880, Mary Agnes 8-4-1882, Alexander Bede 19-3-1883, Joseph Archie 14-8-1887, Rosanna Margaret 6-7-1890, and Mary Theresa 18-5-1894.   Marie Theresa became a  Carmelite nun.   A record of her religious life is available from me.  (Mary Theresa Collins) died 6th July 1920 aged 26 years.  Many wonderful answers to prayer are attributed to her intercession.

The single girls of Patrick and Eliza were seamstresses.  Thomas died in 1901 in Port Melbourne.   John was a tea merchant, a grocer, a man of many interests, the founding captain of the Golden Square Fire Brigade, a driving force behind the St. Patrick’s Day sporting carnival in Bendigo and an interest in the A.N.A lodge.
Kieran Patrick Hogan son of Eliza and Patrick Hogan born 8th Sept. 1868 Bendigo.   He married Marion Robina Smith 29th Dec. 1896.   Sadly Marion died on 18th April 1897 leaving their infant son Kieran Robie Hogan born 16th April 1897.
Kieran Robie Hogan married Edna Gladys Williams 27th March 1920.

Living descendants.


Kieran Patrick Hogan remarried.   He married Mary Ryan 11th Feb. 1903 in Queenstown, Tasmania.         Mary died 24th July 1912.
Kieran Patrick Hogan, and Mary Ryan had the following three  children:
(1) Margaret Teresa Hogan born 28th June 1903 Queenstown Tasmania. 
Baptism Sponsors: Patrick Ryan and Hanah Flynn.
  Tessie was a  professed  Sister of the Brigidine  Order she entered the Convent on 9-3-1935.   Sister Annette lived until she was 90 years of age. She died at Rochester, New South Wales.
(2) John Francis Hogan born 2nd December 1905, at Queenstown Tasmania.
Baptism Sponsors: J. Arnold and Hanah Flynn.
Jack died in his twenties, or early thirties, in a mining accident, in Tasmania.   He had no family.
(3) Kiernan Thomas Hogan born 26th June 1909. at Queenstown, Tasmania.
Baptism Sponsor: Victoria Wishart.
Little Kiernan Thomas Hogan died as a child of about 8 years.

THOMAS HOGAN son of John Hogan & Catherine Horan Hogan.
Born about 1826.       THOMAS HOGAN  celebrated his Marriage to MARY ANN LATHAM, born 1846,  daughter of John Latham and his wife Mary Williams,   at St Mary Roman Catholic Church, Franklin, Tasmania, on 17th September 1863.       THOMAS and MARY ANN HOGAN went on to have many children:

(1)    Thomas Hogan born 4-8-1864 Franklin, Tasmania.

(2)     Mary Ann Hogan born 20-6-1866 Franklin, Tasmania.

(3)     Hogan Female born 20-6-1866 Franklin, Tasmania.

(4)     William Edward Hogan born 25-7-1868 Franklin, Tasmania.

(5)      Michael Hogan born 7-9-1870 Franklin, Tasmania.

(6)      John Hogan born 29-9-1872 Franklin, Tasmania.

(7)      Alice Frances Hogan born 3-10-1874 Franklin, Tasmania.

(8)      Julia Elizabeth Hogan born 10-11-1876 Franklin, Tasmania.

(9)      Ellen Hogan born 12-1-1879 Franklin, Tasmania.

(10)      Edward Hogan born 22-12-1881 Franklin, Tasmania.

(11)    James Joseph Hogan born 3-7-1883 Franklin, Tasmania.

(12)    Thomas James Joseph Hogan born 3-7-1883 Franklin, Tasmania

(13)    James Joseph Hogan born 6-8-1885 Franklin, Tasmania

(14)    Elizabeth Mary Hogan born 6-8-1885 Franklin, Tasmania.

(15)    Male Hogan born 9-7-1888 Franklin, Tasmania.

(16)    Male Hogan born 9-7-1888 Franklin, Tasmania.

(17)    Gertrude Alinda Stannaway Hogan born 9-7-1892 Franklin, Tasmania.

THOMAS HOGAN died 6th December 1910 in Cygnet, Tasmania.    MARY ANN LATHAM HOGAN died 17th March 1935, Hobart, Tasmania.


KYRAN (KIERAN) HOGAN  the youngest son of John Hogan and Catherine Horan Hogan,  was my grandfather.
Kieran Hogan married Margaret Callanan at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Chapel, Hokitika on 17th February 1885.    Margaret was the daughter of Margaret Keogh and Daniel Callanan.    Margaret was born in Melbourne 24th May 1862.
Their  four children are as follows:
(1) Catherine Brigid Hogan born 14th Januray 1886.   Never married.   Schoolteacher.  Died 25th October 1967 at Hokitika.
(2) Teresa Margaret Hogan born 27th September 1887.   Never married.   Schoolteacher.   Died 1-12-1967 at Hokitika.
(3) Kieran John Hogan born 27th October 1892 .   Computing Draughtsman and farmer.   Never married.  Died at Hokitika 23rd October 1961.
(4) Mary Hogan born 19th January 1898.    Married Charles Talbot Cowie 19th June 1934 St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Greymouth, Westland, New Zealand.
Mary like her sisters mentioned above was also a schoolteacher.  She died 26th April 1968 and is buried in Hokitika with her husband Charles Talbot Cowie.
Living descendants.


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  1. Pauline Pendlebury says:

    My Gr.Gr.Grandfather,George Craig married Mary Mackins on
    the 16/07/1857 at St Kilians,Sandhurst..now Bendigo,Victoria.
    On their marriage certificate it has Marys parents listed as
    James Mackins and her mother as Honora Horan.Their daughter
    Mary also has noted born in Kings County.She is 18 when
    married in 1857 so born about 1839.
    l am guessing by the look of your information we have a
    connection.l would be pleased of further contact with you,
    thanking you,Pauline Pendebury,Bendigo.

  2. Mary Cowie says:

    Hi Pauline,
    Yes indeed we are related, thanks for your email. Could you please contact me at my email address
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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